Nemissary's Ride

Cost: 4m, 2 WP, 1AHL Type: Dramatic Action
Target: One Target
Keywords: Shaping, Arcane Link
Duration: Until Broken
One of the greatest powers of the Onyx Circle, this spell may only be activated at night, and requires an agonizing ritual. The Necromancer constructs an effigy from an Arcane Link to the target. At the end of the ritual, the Necromancer excises their own Hun with a silver knife, making a shallow incision along the top of their skalp.. After this, their Hun is freed from their body, and seeks out the target of the ritual, attempting to force itself into their body, and possess them.

Possession requires a roll of (Intelligence+Occult+Essence) against the target. Once the Necromancer inhabits the target, they have near total control, with access to the creature’s physical attributes, charms, and motes. though they keep their own social and mental attributes, and all of their own skills. All mote costs must be paid from the victim’s own pools, and the Necromancer loses use of their own charms.

If the Necromancer takes an action that opposes one of their victim’s intimacies, the victim has a chance to resist—they may spend one point of WP to force the Necromancer to make another control roll, gaining a bonus equal to the strength of the intimacy opposed. If the victim succeeds, they gain control of their body for a scene, after which the control passes back to the Necromancer.

The victim regains control after (Necromancer’s Essence) successful resist attempts, forcing the Necromancer from their body, successful countermagic is used, or the Necromancer voluntarily releases control. During the period of possession, the Necromancer’s body is immobile and helpless, and must be tended to, or it will begin to starve and die.

Beings of pure essence, including Gods, Elementals, Ghosts, Demons, and Fair-Folk are immune to this. The Arcane Link is consumed in the casting of this spell.

Nemissary's Ride

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