Rust and Ruin

Cost: 2m, 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
Target: Objects Within Long Range
Duration: Instant
The Necromancer draws out a rusted iron bell, and rings a single, utterly silent note. Rust-red tendrils surge out from the bell in a frantic spiderweb, covering inanimate objects of the Necromancer's choice within that distance.

The tendrils coat the object, causing the decay of centuries to happen within an eyeblink—metal rusts and rots, wood decays, and cloth shreds.

The Necromancer rolls (Intelligence + Occult + Essence), with each success removing a point from one of an object's traits. Against unattended objects, successes are doubled.

For attended objects, this damage may be be resisted with a roll. This spell also functions against constructs, and animated corpses, in which case (Stamina) is the roll to defend.

Rust and Ruin

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