Shattering Void Mirror

Cost: 2m 1wp; Type: Shape Spell
Target: One Person
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Instant/One Scene
Making the Mudra of the Falling Center with an outstretched hand, the necromancer gestures at a target, deep violet essence sheathing her fingers. The necromancer's anima flares totemic as this spell is shaped, but its typical image is replaced by a symbol of death befitting the necromancer's nature – The Maiden of Endings, a great skeletal harvester, a raiton with wicked iron talons and a great consumptive maw have all been seen. Particularly egotistical necromancers bear an image of themselves, writ large.

When the spell is cast, the iconic image stretches and grows, reaching to Medium Range across the battlefield at the speed of darkness and striking down the designated target. The necromancer rolls (Perception+Occult+Essence) against the target.

If the spell connects, it momentarily aligns its target's essence-pattern with an equal amount of death-aspected essence, dealing the target’s missing health levels as dice of aggravated damage that ignores soak.

In addition, targets struck reduce their Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina by (Caster's Essence/2) until the end of the scene.

 If this spell should slay its target, the Caster recovers a number of health levels in damage equal to the damage dealt, and drains any remaining motes the target has into their essence or overdrive pool.

Any touched by this spell comes away as though aged, hair whitened and body scarred.

Shattering Void Mirror

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