Strange Aeons Die

Cost: 5m 3wp, 3 Limit, 3 ahl; Type: Shape Spell
Target: Self
Duration: Instant
There is nothing the Neverborn understand better than failure or defeat. Consumed by pain and bitterness, they are willing to slide the world into the Void to unmake their mistakes. For a true master of the Arts of Oblivion, there is sometimes another solution.

If this spell has ever been performed, it is entirely unknown to any but its caster, the Pattern Spiders and the Maidens, for when it is cast, a section of the Loom twists and cracks, the threads unraveling in an explosion of tainted Essence.

When cast, this spell transports the caster back to a point in time no more than one dawning of the Sun prior. The only effects upon the world that are not reverted are the cost of casting this spell. No one save the necromancer recalls the Future that Might Have Been.

This spell is a dangerous and exhausting, unmaking the Necromancer and forcing them to exist, for a moment of eternity, as a fragment of the mad dreams of the Neverborn. exist in a place where time flows differently, this allows limited travel into the past. Due to the sanity-shattering nature of this experience, this spell may only be cast once per arc.

Strange Aeons Die

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