Twelve-Shadow Dance

Cost: 4m, 2wp; Type: Full Action
Duration: One Hour
Target: (Essence Allies or Magnitude of Extras)
In shadows, the essence of Creation and the Underworld mingle, the realm of the spectral and that of the material entwining. This spell draws upon that connection, forcing the bodies of the necromancer and their allies in between life and death, turning them to living shades.

The Necromancer begins to weave darkness in their hands like cloth, a skein forming in their hands from their chosen allies's shadows. As they cast the spell, their allies begin to flicker and smoke at the edges. When they release the magic, the skein of darkness explodes from their hands, weaving around their allies like a cloak. This turns up to (Essence) allies or magnitude of non-heroic allies, including the caster, into shadow-versions of themselves.

Allies under the effect of the spell resemble living versions of their own shadow. This state adds 1+(Caster's Essence/2) successes to all stealth rolls they make, and all disguise rolls to resist being identified. In addition, they fade in and out of the material world. Though they may be attacked, their shadow-flesh resists damage, fragments tearing away, then re-combining like smoke. This adds 1+(Essence/2) to the target's soak.

The semi-insubstantial bodies provides by this spell can squeeze through gaps as small as the crack under a door, drifting like smoke. They must walk, however—the magic of the spell does not allow flight.

Lastly, while under the blessing of this spell, those affected are considered Creatures of Darkness. They take aggravated damage from Holy Effects.

Twelve-Shadow Dance

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