Twice-Woven Weft

Cost: 3m, 1wp; Type: Shape Sorcery
Duration: One Scene
Targets: (essence heroic allies or magnitude extras)
A skilled sorcerer has power not just over the winds and times, but over the weaving of the Loom itself. One of the most common uses of such a power is to borrow time from the future to pay for time in the present.

The sorcerer chants the Words of the Twice-Woven Weft, a sacred incantation calling upon the powers of Mercury to speed the bodies of their allies. A faint, yellow-patterned mandala appears around the feet of this spell's targets, and glittering golden motes follow each of their movements, imposing a -2 penalty to Stealth.

This penalty, however, is balanced by a host of bonuses. Target affected by this spell move an additional range band each action, and may attack an additional time. In addition, they gain a (caster's essence/2) bonus to speed-based actions. Such targets appear to flicker and blur through space, afterimages trailing when they move.

At the end of the spell, it's targets are exhausted, taking a (caster's essence/2) penalty to all actions until they've slept a full eight hours.

Twice-Woven Weft

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